Our patients love us…

I still can't believe that the pain is gone

“My left shoulder pain that had been killing me for years actually completely 100% went away after only two acupuncture treatments from this place.  I still can't believe that the pain is gone. It has been six months now and the pain is completely gone. “

— Linda C, Sunnyvale, CA

My anxiety level was reduced significantly

"I came in for external ankle pain & anxiety, within 2 months of treatments I was able to run without any pain & my anxiety level was reduced significantly. I would refer my friends and family to CCA because overall, my general health has improved. I’m less stressed & have more energy.”

— Alli Brooke


“I was extremely skeptical…”

“In January of 2011 I was introduced to Olivia Peters-Lazaro and Chico Community Acupuncture through a friend.  He thought it would be beneficial for me to incorporate acupuncture into my weekly routine while training for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games (basically the Olympics of exercise).  I was extremely skeptical, but valued my friend’s opinion, so decided to give it a shot.  If there was anything that I could use to help my mind and body stay healthy throughout the intense mental and physical training I was going to be put through for the next 7 months, then I was all about it.

I have to be honest though and tell you that at first I didn’t notice anything different.  However, those first couple of sessions I was able to get an hour nap each time and that was more than enough to keep me coming back.  A scheduled nap, who could ask for more!  Ha!

It wasn’t until I came in a month or so later, extremely sore from the week’s workouts, that I noticed there really was something more behind the needles and the naps.  My traps were so sore that I was having trouble rotating my head.  When I left 45 minutes later I was moving like nothing had even happened.

Throughout the 7 months of training, regular visits to Chico Community Acupuncture helped to keep my body willing and able to perform at the high intensities necessary for competing at the elite level.  With that said, I also noticed changes that effected my everyday life in a positive way.  I was sleeping better, had more energy, less stressed, and felt good.  Soreness from workouts subsided quicker, small nagging injuries dwindled, and my body was ready for what was thrown at it in and out of the gym.

After being named “The 6th Fittest Woman on Earth” in July of 2011 at the Reebok CrossFit Games, the 2012 season is already underway.  You can bet that I will have regular visits to Chico Community Acupuncture to keep me healthy, strong and capable of doing what I need to do.  I strongly suggest you do the same!

Thank you to Olivia and Chico Community Acupuncture for helping me reach my goals!”

— Jenny LaBaw


The products Olivia recommends are very beneficial to us

"When I came in for allergies I wasn’t able to breathe well due to sinus pressure. I would refer my friends and family to CCA because acupuncture treatments help balance the body and put it in the mode for healing. My family and I use herbs to help alleviate symptoms of colds/allergies because the products Olivia recommends are very beneficial to us. The windbreaker formula helps my kids with allergies, onset of cold symptoms and seem to shorten duration of illness. The tea pills my husband and I use at onset of a cold virus drastically relieve symptoms. It seems to shorten duration and overall benefits our well being."

— Angelique Humphers

I was able to have five and sometimes six pain-free days per week

"When I came in for chronic neck pain and degenerated discs, I wasn’t able to have more than one or two pain-free days per week. With 6-8 treatments I was able to have five and sometimes six pain-free days per week. I would refer my friends and family to CCA because it is a clean, inexpensive way to activate the body’s own healing capacity, without potentially harmful side effects. It is user-friendly, community health care."

— Phil Coppock


I go twice a month to Chico Community Acupuncture

“I go twice a month to Chico Community Acupuncture, mainly for treatment of neuropathy resulting from my type 1 diabetes.  I can tell it works because the two weeks after each treatment I have little, if any, tingling in my feet.  I also notice I don't get sick often and I can't help but think it's due to acupuncture boosting my immune system.”

— Julie N. Glenn, CA

Acupuncture doesn't have to be complicated

“I love this place. I go often and I always feel better and relaxed. I love the idea that acupuncture doesn't have to be complicated.  Here, you just go in, have a quick talk and let the healing begin.”

— C S. Chico, CA