Boost Your Child's Health with Acupuncture


Shonishin is the Japanese system of pediatric acupuncture.  When Shonishin is given on or near the Full Moon, a child's wellness is optimized.  A typical treatment starts with observing the child, hearing from the parent or caregiver, then brushing the channels (the meridians of energy that we are treating with acupuncture) with a seashell or other smooth object.  This regulates, clears, and balances the channels so that the child can best recover, or simply maintain wellness.  I usually stimulate a few other areas that will help the babe, possibly including in and out insertion with special pediatric acupuncture needles.  Most kids, especially babies, are fine with needles! 

During our special Full Moon Shonishin Wellness Treatments, the clinic will be closed to everyone but you and your kids!  They will have full run of the big treatment room.  Snacks, noise, and toys are welcome. Call us to ask about upcoming dates. Special reduced rate of $15 per child, for newborns through seven years old.

We also treat kids regularly at the clinic, and you are welcome to schedule a regular treatment for your kids anytime they need it.  If they are very young, or you come in as a family, you will be treated in the back room, so you can make noise.  When they get a little older, say 7 years or so, most kids get treated in the "grown-up room" in a chair of their choice, and sit with their needles for about 15 minutes.  Kids can get treated for the aches and pains of growing, colds, ear-aches, teething, night terrors, poor digestion and much more.

We’d love to answer any questions you might have.  Call us at (530) 345-5300 or book online.